I’ve been self-isolating for three weeks now. To pass the time productively, from yesterday, I’m going to record and post a new tune on here every day. Check the Lockdown page every so often and maybe leave a comment. Good luck avoiding the new coronavirus.

Tilting at Wind Turbines

Is the latest latest tune and video I’ve done. The version of the tune on here isn’t the same as on YouTube. The video was shot on Crosby Beach where Antony Gormley’s famous “Another Place” statues are sited.

Wind turbines are an excellent source of electricity but, at least in the UK, too many people have a NIMBY attitude toward them. They prefer nucleus misuse I suppose. Ah well we have an Internet running 24/7 and have to power it somehow.


Learning My Craft

I’m experienced in the recording industry as an electronics engineer from before the onset of my schizophrenia but I’m now learning to play. Recording with a DAW is heaven but well founded on multitrack tape practice. Learning music theory for me is very slow however. Schizophrenia’s sights and sounds being the main obstacle. Using the knowledge I’m gaining is great though. Enjoy!


Hi, new blog started today and the plot thickens. All of my own news about my music will be posted here. A photo gallery will also be uploaded shortly. Music is still available on my own server which runs some of the time but some tunes are featured on this blog site.